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Solar power generation, sustainable resources and funds (GO GREEN) protecting the environment.  Charges during the day and switches on during the night. Uses lithium ion battery.  

Our products are shipping spread throughout the worldwide.

Good quality (right products) 
We sell consistently high-quality products that meet our customer’s expectations.

JIT production process relies on steady production, high-quality workmanship and reliable supplier.

Right price 

The price is a better fit with the customer’s perspective.

Just in time (right time) 

Kosolar ( 光多有限公司 ) is one of the reliable supplier in Hong Kong.  Our products solar lights and panels are supplied into the worldwide. We can provide the best products and the best price to you. 


Email  : 


Mobile (whatsApp)  : +(852) 6382 2872
Tel.                        : +(852) 3970 3513
Contact                 : Ms. Kitty Lam 

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